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MDxI's exhaustive, ongoing research into the U.S. clinical laboratory market sets the new standard for defining the IVD Universe. For the first time in its history, MDxI is making its proprietary IVD Insights™ LabFile available by subscription to the IVD industry. This proprietary database is the most accurate profile of clinical laboratories in the industry. It combines extensive site research and documented participation in CLIA-approved proficiency testing programs. Rather than assuming that 170,000+ CLIA licenses equal 170,000+ labs, LabFile provides a realistic assessment of the market. Currently it identifies over 16,000 labs out of an estimated 17,700 performing moderate or highly complex testing. As time permits, the database is being expanded to include sites performing only waived testing.

LabFile is an invaluable resource for sales targeting and for establishing, cleaning, maintaining, and reconciling CRM data. While LabFile is updated on an ongoing basis, MDxI offers its subscribers quarterly updates to reflect consolidation or changes in name and ownership.

Reports are easily segmented for specific purposes, with the goal of targeting the most qualified prospects and customers. Access to and analysis of LabFile data makes for more effective use of limited resources and equips sales with more accurate market information than is available from any other source.

*SOURCE: Lewin Group, Laboratory Medicine, pp. 69-80. IOM, Medicare Laboratory Payment Policy, Appendix D, pp. 215-223.
*Numbers represent the number of licenses issued under CLIA regulations. A recent review of these numbers by MDxI indicates that many laboratory locations operate under multiple licenses. Our estimates do not include laboratories that only perform waived tests.
** Includes POL/clinic labs that participate in proficiency surveys plus approximately 3,500 POL/300 Other labs that report proficiency results through API.

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