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Syndicated Data Services - Overview

IVD Insights™ Market Tracking Reports and LabFile Deliver Critical Market Intelligence

Once you tap into our two complementary syndicated IVD databases, you’ll wonder how you made effective business decisions before. IVD Insights™ Market Tracking Reports provide the most extensive information on instrument and reagent systems used for patient testing in U.S. clinical labs, based on proficiency test data along with other data sources. IVD Insights™LabFile is a census of all U.S. hospital, independent, clinic/POL, public health, blood donor, CRO, and other clinical laboratories.
  • IVD Insights™ +

    IVD Insights describes which assays, methods and instruments are being used in a broad selection (approximately 9,000) of clinical labs in the US. It is the most representative source of lab-specific data available. The data is enhanced by selected demographic data describing the lab type (such as hospital), sub-type (such as University Teaching, Community, Critical Access, etc.), bed size or practice size (if available) and geographic region. The data sources include proficiency testing records, laboratory web sites, CPT codes and other information collected by CMS, as well as CLIA licensing and state data which is publicly available.
  • IVD Insights™ LabFile +

    IVD Insights™ LabFile is a valuable resource for companies establishing or refining their CRM databases. Containing current, comprehensive, site-specific, and highly detailed information, LabFile can also be used for customer segmentation and targeting.
    • Hospital laboratories are classified by hospital type, institution size, testing volume, and IDN or system affiliation
    • Independent laboratories are segmented by geographic coverage (local, regional, or national), testing scope and specialty/ies, annual testing volume, and system/ownership affiliation.
  • Custom Reports +

    Custom reports can be tailor-made to suit your needs. Examples of reports customized for clients include:
    • Menu utilization profiles for competitive systems
    • Competitive profiling by instrument system in the lab
    • Market penetration reports
    • Instrument cohabitation profiles
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