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Strategic Positioning - Overview

Strategy Based on Solid Information and Counsel

Market research is fundamental to business decisions... but when you want ideas, recommendations, and a strategy to put that information into play, MDxI delivers. Our strategic positioning and planning consultancy focuses on enhancing medical and scientific market, technology, and product opportunities. The advice and direction you receive is built on a combination of:
  • Solid foundation of specialized IVD market knowledge from projects in more than 25 countries
  • Custom research and analysis
  • Proprietary IVD syndicated databases covering more than 500 analytes in 10 different laboratory disciplines
MDxI consultants help you:
  • Discover and exploit market opportunities
  • Develop a differentiated value proposition
  • Determine the best path to market
  • Align your business model with your strategy
Because we tailor our analysis, discovery, and recommendations to your unique market, technology, or product challenges and opportunities there is no end to how we can help you.

Global Capabilities

MDxI offers global capabilities in custom research and strategic consulting, and our IVD Insights™ Market Tracking Reports include data from more than 60 countries. Call us to discuss how we can field qualitative and quantitative studies to give you a worldwide, regional, or local perspective on important business issues. To ensure the highest quality results, MDxI designs and manages all studies and works with vetted international partners for fielding in certain regions.
  • All studies are conducted in the native language of the relevant market by native speakers
  • In-depth qualitative interviews are conducted by our most experienced senior analysts, with assistance from simultaneous translators
  • All analyses are performed by MDxI to guarantee a consistent cross-national perspective and comparison

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