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Custom Study Techniques

  • New product concept testing and development +

    Without research, introducing a new product is simply a roll of the dice. New product concept testing is a way to reduce the risks of failure – and improve the probabilities of success. MDxI has developed reliable methodologies for testing each aspect of the marketing mix, from one-on-one intercept interviews to web-based surveys for detailed purchase funnel research or complex pricing studies using predictive modeling.
  • Multivariate statistical methods and market modeling +

    MDxI offers the ultimate ability to ask "what if" questions to help guide decisions that lead to the most effective answers. Using a market simulator, MDxI can run analyses on a number of scenarios, from product design and features to pricing. This capability helps clients understand the implications of decisions for effective planning.
  • Brand awareness and perception +

    To make your company stand apart in an overcrowded marketplace, where customers have more choices than ever, you need a strong brand. The MDxI research team examines your existing brand and makes recommendations on how to improve your brand equity and loyalty. We have years of experience translating brand study data into detailed actions for your marketing plan.
  • Advertising effectiveness and tracking +

    Advertising generally focuses on four areas: Creating awareness, aiding comprehension, developing conviction, and encouraging ordering/purchasing. Our research team assists you in measuring the returns in each of these areas through both qualitative and quantitative research. Whether relying on our recognition and recall research, opinion tests, or attitude and usage analysis, companies have turned to MDxI for valid and reliable effectiveness measurements.
  • Market/Company/Product profiles +

    Before entering into a new market, it's best to know the environment. MDxI's secondary research offerings show you who the key competitors will be and profile each of these competitors as well as their offerings. With our research, you will understand the market share, and what drives customers to (and away from) these products.
  • Communications studies and audits +

    MDxI offers a qualitative assessment of marketing communications, messaging, even product instruction manuals, to ensure you generate intended reactions and responses. Using one-on-one interviews and other techniques, we’re able to gain customer insights before you go to market to better ensure the success of your communication efforts.
  • Longitudinal studies/customer satisfaction/loyalty +

    MDxI's customer satisfaction research encompasses the entire customer experience, looking at interaction satisfaction as well as other aspects and drivers of your customers' satisfaction and loyalty. Leveraging an understanding of your customers' needs and the action elements driving your customers’ satisfaction, we help you establish, solidify, and maintain positive customer relationships, as well as build repeat business volume.
  • Customer/Market segmentation +

    The MDxI approach to customer segmentation begins with an analysis of the detailed laboratory profiles in our unique syndicated databases as well as two additional valuable pieces of customer information: attitudes and values/beliefs. Contrary to standard customer segmentation that relies solely on attitudinal information about customers, adding customers’ values and beliefs allows you to better predict your customers’ behavior.
  • Procedure/Technology workflow ̶ time and motion +

    How are your products used in the real world? How long does it take to perform the various tasks associated with delivering a reportable patient result in comparison to competitive methods? MDxI Time and Motion studies show you an average "day in the life" of your customers and end-users, allowing for improvements to your designs and product offerings.
  • Proprietary panel development +

    Our work has allowed us to build a formidable database of industry professionals, from which we can create panels for efficient and cost-effective access to respondents who have been pre-qualified to address the market information needs of specific clients. We maintain and regularly update databases of clinical laboratory professionals and research scientists, catalogued by their laboratory discipline and management responsibilities. This database spans more than a dozen countries. We also maintain a directly validated database containing nearly 14,000 clinical laboratories in the continental U.S., with contact information for department heads and laboratory personnel, as well as standard information such as the type and size of institution, total annual testing volume, instrument system portfolio, and testing menu performed in each. Additionally, we maintain a database of CLIA-certified physician's offices in the U.S. that perform at least moderately complex testing.
  • Reimbursement/procedural microeconomic profiling +

    Are you looking to get reimbursement from the national health care system of a specific country? Are you interested in understanding the health care delivery system of a country before introducing a product there? MDxI regularly conducts studies in 20-25 countries around the world, speaking to thought leaders and decision makers on the latest changes to their public and private health systems to create market profiles for you.
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