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LabFile Aids CRM Activities

Whether you’re a new business building a target list or an established organization looking to optimize your CRM data, IVD Insights LabFile is the definitive source for the most accurate information currently available on U.S. clinical laboratories. LabFile reports can be used to determine true market potential, reallocate sales organizations, and keep current with industry consolidation. You can confirm who your customers are and supplement that knowledge with valuable context.

MDxI provides tailored census data to clients. Our SalesForce SFDC certified staff offers consulting and analyses in architecture, planning, implementation, and troubleshooting services to help you:
  • Determine what data you need
  • Make sense of the information
  • Develop plans to apply learnings to your organization’s needs

CRM Reconciliation

To reconcile your CRM to the LabFile IVD Universe, MDxI associates various information – physical address, bill to, ship to, specific lab, other – with a unique identifier by institution. These institutions can then be consolidated into parent healthcare delivery or laboratory systems by another unique identifier. Moreover, the level of detail provided by LabFile enables MDxI to identify those laboratories within major health systems that consolidate testing from other hospitals and delivery sites within that system.

Because MDxI provides LabFile updates quarterly, you can reduce or eliminate internal resources dedicated to those updates and maintain a very accurate database of clinical labs. If you are entering a new market, you can create databases from LabFile that target only those labs requiring your product or service.

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