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Insights that Lead to Opportunity

We're here to help you discover and learn using custom market research, consulting, and syndicated market reports. Whether it’s medical product research or global market opportunities for IVD technologies, we design a custom approach to meet your learning objectives. We’ll identify the optimal path forward but also provide alternatives and spell out any trade-offs to address variable budget, timing, and information needs. An MDxI senior partner leads the process, from our initial proposal to final recommendations. What you gain are insights that lead to opportunity.
  • Your Objectives +

    To meet your business objectives, we don't focus on any one research methodology or data collection tool. Instead, we're known for being responsive, flexible, and comprehensive. We probe, question, and uncover your learning needs to develop a plan that works for you. Depending on the need, we may recommend:
    • Primary qualitative and/or quantitative research
    • Secondary research
    • Acquisition of syndicated market data
    • A combination of these information sources and research methods
  • Our Process +

    We start our engagements with a kickoff meeting to introduce you to your project team and review your project goals, timeline, and budget. You'll work closely with one of our senior partners. For each project, this partner will:
    • Act as your primary point of contact
    • Track MDxI's progress to meet your objectives
    • Manage project tasks and division of labor to ensure the promised work is completed on time
    • Direct field work and analysis
    MDxI's consultants, each with many years of experience, draft discussion guides and survey instruments, conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews, and perform data analytics. The project team engages with you throughout the process, adjusting to any changing conditions and communicating frequently through informal channels and more formal reporting at specific milestones.
  • Our Commitment +

    We take the time to understand your company, culture, product offerings, business model, and market focus. We work in a collaborative and consultative role to assess strengths and weaknesses and to complete a thorough analysis that synthesizes market findings and strategic principles. Our goal is to help you:
    • Better understand your current competitive position
    • Determine the ideal strategic positioning for your organization/brand/product or service
    • Formulate strategies to achieve that positioning
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