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MDxI was founded in 1993 as Service Strategies, a full service market research firm providing customer satisfaction research to companies headquartered in the Dallas market. Our current President and Managing Partner, Kathi McGregor, joined Service Strategies in 1997 as its Director of Operations. Under Kathi’s direction, the company profited from a wave of deregulation and expansion in three key vertical markets: Public Utilities, Financial Services, and Telecommunications. The company became a nationally recognized research provider to Fortune 500 companies such as Nextel, Centerpoint Energy, Centex, and Alcatel Lucent, managing studies with multiple points of customer contact, dozens of quota groups, and sample sizes in the thousands per week.

Service Strategies was acquired in 2002 by Milwaukee-based Call Solutions, Inc., a holding company with a national network of inbound and outbound call centers, to provide marketing research services to its clients. Upon closure of the acquisition, Kathi became President of the Market Research business unit. Call Solutions changed its name to NOVO 1 in 2004, to bring its business units and brands under one umbrella.

By 2005, it became clear that the wave of deregulation in the company’s key verticals was being followed by a second wave of mergers and acquisitions, exposing the company to increased competition and the loss of key provider status in major accounts such as Nextel, when it merged with Sprint. Moreover, the frenetic growth in the housing bubble drove that industry’s market research focus away from customer satisfaction to lead-generation searches for any and all potential borrowers.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Kathi sought a new direction for the company and its substantial fielding and analytical capabilities. In late 2005, she brought Larry Worden in as Vice President of Client Services to forge a presence in medical and scientific product research, with a particular emphasis on In Vitro Diagnostics. From 2005 to October of 2008, our management team focused on this new vertical market, building a knowledge base among the staff and transitioning the business from its prior focus and expanding its reach to international markets.

In October 2008, Kathi and Larry saw an opportunity to acquire the division from its corporate parent. Post-acquisition, the business was renamed Market Diagnostics International (MDxI), and we completed the transition to focus exclusively on IVD and related medical and scientific markets.

In 2011, MDxI began compiling data from clinical laboratory proficiency testing programs, as well as other data sources, for the purpose of providing detailed market reports on laboratory testing menus and methods to the IVD industry.

Today, MDxI stands out as the only full service consulting, marketing research and data services company focused on IVD that has the breadth and depth of market knowledge and international fielding capabilities to serve all segments of this important and growing industry.

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